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George M. Wallims
Tennis and Sailing instructor

George Wallims has been a recreational coach for 5 years, teaching tennis and sailing to both children and adults.  He has been a member of US Sailing for 5 years, but has been sailing personally since 1972.  George is also a member of both the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and United States Tennis Association (USTA).

Other than teaching, George stays active running marathons.  He has run 53 marathons including the Long Beach marathon he just completed in October of 2008.  He has also competed in every Long Beach Marathon since 1982 making him a Legacy Runner.   George also completed the Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii in 1983.  And in his spare time he is Vice President and on the board of directors for USA Sports Pro.     

His love for teaching started almost 20 years ago as a 5th grade Sunday school teacher.  He wanted to incorporate his love for teaching and effecting children’s lives through physical fitness.  He has spoken at several Elementary Schools to promote health and fitness and is currently involved in an after school tennis program at one of these schools. 

George has a way of keeping kids motivated and encouraged making the environment fun with his sense of humor.  He always has a joke to tell.  George is also very patient and compassionate.  He truly loves teaching.   

Safety is extremely important to George.  His first aid and CPR certificates are renewed yearly.     

George’s mission statement is to make his students feel that they have received the most enjoyable learning experience ever and that they will want to come back for more.

Here is a quote from George’s favorite poet, William Jay.  “None so little enjoy themselves, and are such burdens to themselves, as those who have nothing to do.  Only the Active have the true relish of Life”.  And active George stays!